Garcinia Cola / Bitter Kola

Description: This product is useful for different purposes.

–        it serve as a raw materials for pharmaceutical industries
–        It is use for the production of energy and soft drinks.
–        It is locally use as herb for treating illness
–        It is use as food supplement
–        It also reduces eye pressure and relieves arthritis by reducing swelling.

Quantity 2000 MT
Price 19 – 22 USD /kg
Package As specify
Valid Until 2019/02/01

Bitter Kola Specification :  contains  75.5% of high moisture,

5.9% of ash content, 10.83% of Carbohydrates,

14.5% of crude fat and crude protein 4.25%.

The seed of Bitter Kola also contains

Mg, Cd, Zn, Fe, and K.


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