Shea Butter


  Shea nut required for import:
·      Free Fatty Acids (FFA) = less than or equal to 6%Shea Butter
·      Moisture Content = less than or equal to 10%
·      Oil Content = greater than or equal to 45%
·      Latex = 4-10%
·      Impurity= 0-2%
The oil content is the most crucial element of the shea nut as that component is an important ingredient in the composition of the butter that goes into Cocoa Butter Equivalents and other by-products.
If the oil content is higher and the FFA and moisture content is lower, then the exporter will receive a price premium.
Uses: Shea nuts are mainly use in the production of Shea Butter. Therefore all the uses of shea nuts are invariably embedded in the economic importance of Shea Butter.